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Headset Reviews
Microsoft HoloLens
Microsoft Hololens – A Mixed Reality Headset

Everyday some new concepts and latest technologies are being added to the VR games, to provide you with more realistic experiences in the gaming world. You all might have heard or read about the Hololens reviews. Microsoft has launched its Microsoft Hololens in 2016. It is the first completely wireless holographic (3D graphics) computer formed […]

Headset Reviews
Development Kit
Meta AR headset: Nothing is virtual bring everything into real

So, far virtual reality is something that immerses you completely in a world that only exist in digital arena it gives you an illusion of real world while interacting with it. There are many VR games available for VR headset and Google Cardboard. Whereas if we talk about augmented reality it mixes both real and […]

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How does O-stick Works
Magic Wand is in your hand now – How does O –Stick works ?

Now, magic wand is in your hand, with O-Stick manipulate your virtual world on your tips. If one had the virtual reality experience must be familiar with the O-Stick, which comes in combination with the VR headset to experience the virtual world in a more amazing way. Virtual reality is the next big thing in […]

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ostron vr headset
Ostron VR

Ostron is a Leading VR products manufacturing company in Lucknow, India. A complete abode of VR (Virtual Reality) Products which dispenses services in virtual reality. We are specialised in research and development and are the leading manufacturers and dealers in VR cardboard, Google Cardboard and virtual reality (VR) headset in India. You will find all […]

How does HTC Vive Room Scale work

Virtual reality devices are the next generation of computing. Of all the virtual reality headsets, the HTC Vive was the technically advanced, offering full spatial tracking. Room- scale VR (room scale virtual reality) allow user to move around the confined space using VR application such as virtual reality gaming. There are many VR games and […]

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vr headset
HTC Vive – Give Life to your imagination

The HTC Vive is a wonderful part of technology. You will get amazed visually, physically and sensationally entering into an unimaginable world. HTC Vive is the first of its kind virtual reality system, developed by HTC and Valve Corporation, released on 5th April 2016. Describing it to someone is sort of a challenge as describing […]

HTC Vive
oculus vs htc vs playstationvr
HTC Vive/ Oculus Rift/ Playstation VR

Virtual reality headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR are all head mounted displays which provides virtual reality for the wearer. You can enjoy many VR games, HTC Vive games by wearing these headsets which gives you an immersive experience while interacting with the virtual world with these headsets. They are designed in […]

vr headset
How does oculus rift tracking works

How does Oculus Rift Tracking Works VR Technology news, here to introduce you with some more exciting features. We all must have worn helmets over our heads while riding for safety on roads, but this helmet is going to take you on amazing ride to a different world, a virtual world. Where you can run […]

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vr today
What is Oculus Touch? – Shake hands in Virtual Reality

Today with this disclosure you are going to have sparkling Goosebumps. Before going into the discussion that how the oculus touch works, we should first know what the oculus touch is. You all must be aware about the VR headset and VR glasses in India, the first of its kind was the Google cardboard in […]

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