Applications of AR and VR in Shopping

It’s fair or foul, fighting is something all couples do. Fights with the one we love are truly different; it is genuine or sometimes insignificant too. There are many reasons hovering behind it, but one of the main is shopping. It’s one of the daily show where we see couples quarreling over, as wife want her husband to accompany her for shopping whereas the men refuses to go for. The good news for all ladies is that VR and AR possess a solution for your all time problem. The concept of VR and AR are not new to us as it is the most loved technology these days and getting its hold in almost every sector. It’s not only confined to game now, as it has many application far gaming. It has always entertained and amazed us with its user- friendly and immersive environment- whether it is entertainment, education, film, fashion etc, and now it is here to help us in shopping too.

The technology is also pacing with the fast changing world. Retailers and marketers always quest to keep up and cater with their best services. Retail industry gaining success and popularity because they keep themselves upgraded with harnessed new tech innovations. We less come across augmented reality as it have risen to the top lately in shopping.
AR and VR are cousin brothers as both technologies present the user with a computer-generated environment that can be manipulated and interacted with using natural gestures. While VR completely replaces the real world with the computer-generated environment, augmented reality blends the real and the virtual. The retail merchants are adopting the technology to present the in-store shopping experience into customers’ homes, heading towards the much smarter way to business. For VR experience it typically requires a headset to be worn over your head transporting you in a new immersive world whereas the AR succeeds as it doesn’t require the user to have any specialised hardware.
Applications of AR and VR in Shopping

Mobile device showing augmented reality

The technology has the capability to transport us into a virtual, fantastic world where anything is possible. Virtual reality offers the ability to promote products, like allowing shoppers to watch a fashion show or searching through markets as if you’re actually there. Meanwhile, augmented reality can make simulated changes to the user’s real world, such as allowing shopper to try on their selected dress or shoe using a smartphone camera. Here are some of the latest examples of both technologies in retail:
Modiface a beauty industry launched an AR enabled Chatbot within the facebook messenger app where you can try on beauty products at home. For example, it will scan the user’s face, applies the lipstick, and returns it, if you like it you can purchase it in a browser that opens within the Messenger app.
StubHub an online event ticket marketplace have introduced a new VR mobile app feature allowing shoppers a virtual view of seats and see the view from those seats as if at the venue. You just need to have a smartphone-compatible headset like Google Cardboard.
Wayfair allows users to view furniture for sale using Wayfair AR mobile app launching soon. For example, users can hold a smartphone camera up to their living room and the phone will show how a couch on Wayfair would look placed there. Shoppers can move and rotate the products throughout their homes, as well.
Likewise, many other industries like De Beers – the jewellry maker, Converse Shoes, Top Shop, American Apparel etc are turning to AR and VR market that lets customer to do their shopping at home, having in their comfort zone. In the future, such tools will become important to e-commerce as it will slowly take away the mass from street shopping to virtual shopping. The main reasons for many shoppers not opting for online shop mode as they could not see, touch, and feel the products. But now the technology has overcome with this drawback by giving shoppers in-store capabilities at home, rendering them a real feel of shopping in a much exciting, refreshing and feasible way, the best shopping experience you might ever suppose to have. We will soon update you will the latest updates as more come on it, so stay tuned with VR new and channel for latest innovations yet to arrive.

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