4th ARVR Innovate Conference 2017

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4th ARVR Innovate Conference 2017

4th international ARVR Innovate Conference is one of Europe’s best Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality events. The conference is particularly dedicated to bring AR/VR down to business. The event will showcase AR and VR the latest technology and applications in verticals such as Engineering, Marketing communications, Architecture, gaming, and Medical. Super networking opportunities and attendees having direct access to great international speakers where they can discuss and lead speaker’s topics in a feasible way centered on that how AR
& VR are being used in business.

Speakers expected on the day include Andy Gower, head of the Interactive Media Research Group at BT’s Global Research & Innovation, and Jean – Francois Chianetta, the co-founder and CEO of Augment, the leading enterprise augmented reality platform.

The two day full event including lunch & coffee breaks will take place from May 11,207 – May 12, 2017 at RDS, Dublin 4, Ireland.

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